Rural Roads Group

The Rural Roads group meets twice a year, and is comprised of an ad hoc group of interested residents and property owners that live along rural roads in District 1. Also attending the meetings are the County directors of public works, the planning department, representatives from the County Sheriff’s department and the Dublin office of the California Highway Patrol.

The purpose of the meetings is to develop and implement strategies to address traffic impacts to unincorporated eastern Alameda County Rural Roads as a result of chronic congestion on I-580. These strategies include applying the principles of “education, engineering and enforcement.” Through collaborative efforts with our partners at County and State agencies, residents and businesses, the Rural Roads group works within the confines of limited financial resources, legal and regulatory constraints, in an ongoing effort to manage the traffic impacts to these roads.

Congestion on I-580 in the Tri-Valley, a major gateway corridor for goods movement and workforce commute travel between the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area region, continues to increase regardless of economic conditions. In its regional plan, Transportation 2030, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission projects a 90 percent increase in vehicle travel through this corridor by 2030. In an effort to avoid this congested highway, motorists continue to seek alternative routes through Tri-Valley communities. Since then, the group has expanded to include rural, county roadways in the I-680 and SR 84 corridors. Efforts are currently underway to implement improvements in these corridors.

You and your neighbors are invited to attend these meetings. Inquiries or reports about traffic on your road can be directed to Shawn Wilson, chief of staff, via e-mail or telephone at 925-551-6995.